I know this first hand from several scenarios going on in my life right now. I can guarantee the statement above.
I had this amazing audition for a role I really wanted. It happened three weeks ago. Usually after two or three days your little voice says, “OK. It’s been enough time. I guess this one isn’t yours. Move on.” But I didn’t want to. I chose to do what I teach: claim what I want. Feel the joy of that claim. Open myself up to all possibilities of receiving and allowing. So every time a dismissing thought would fly through (and there were limiting thoughts regarding the money and my self-worth, and thoughts about enough energy and age, and even thoughts about what a long drive it would be to the studio) I stopped. I actually said aloud, “No. I am not giving my power away to this thought. I am claiming and feeling love around this part. If there are any beliefs in the way, I make them known now to myself so I can move on.” And you know what? Miracle of miracles, they called two days ago to bring me in to test for the series. Again, I got to be CONSCIOUS of the little voices in my head and exercise my power over them.
It is true that I haven’t “booked” the job yet. But I have definitely seen the work…work. And I KNOW that the work I did to demand my power over me will create many more opportunities and jobs down the way. It has to, because that is the way energy works: it responds to your direction. Consciously or unconsciously. And I have to tell you, the joy and power I felt in that room today….well, there is nothing better than knowing you have mastered yourself, done your best, and had a damn good time doing it.
So I am urging all of you…KEEP CONSCIOUSLY CREATING. It’s the truth, and the truth sets you free.


Blessings, Dee