I just finished up working on an awesome film that brought everything together I had been claiming:


-great project

-great money

-talented coworkers

-being respected and honored for my body of work.


Every single aspect came together in this lovely experience. I would say I held the focus of love on this creation, using our morning directions and the breathing exercise, for approximately two months. In doing so, I realized things that were revealed to me which I had to bring into alignment: respect for the producers and directors being one of the biggest. I realized I was asking for respect when I wasn’t respecting them. So I was sending out the signal “I want to work with people whom I do not respect.” And boy, did I get that experience back!


I also realized thoughts of, “It’s not possible to bring this together again.” And, as we know, the Universe can only match our Belief Systems. My point is, stay consistent.


WHILE you are creating, you may be hit with some aha! moments that take you further toward your goal. Remember, you are creating in every moment of now. Keep your thoughts and feelings of love focused on WHAT YOU WANT.


The work works … when you work it!