Jesus loves me
This I know
For the Bible tells me so
Little ones to him belong
We are weak but he is strong
And that’s how far back the message of weakness and lack of power was delivered to most of us. It was delivered to us as if it were the RIGHT message, and, indeed, the message from God himself.
But this message isn’t God’s. It is man’s message. It is the message of a church that was partners with kings and rulers. It was an early message to teach us, at a very early age, that we were “not worthy to sit at the feet of Christ.” It was a chosen message whose purpose was to deter us from the real teachings of Christ: “You are made in God’s image. You have all of the makings of God within you. The miracles I perform…these and more shall you do, also.” So whose message do you want to choose to honor now, in your life today?
We must believe that we have the power of our I Am Presence, our God ability, if we are to be open and powerful in using it. It is to that presence, the creative power within, that we must turn FIRST. That is our birthright and our greatest opportunity…to know our own self-creation. Only then can we really understand all the teachings we have heard over the years: go within/to thine own self be true/God helps him who helps himself/you are your highest Knowing, etc… Even the commercials scream to us, “You Got the Power!”

It’s not a promise that there will be no challenges. It is not a prediction that one day all will be light and love. It IS a statement: “You are the Power that Makes the Choice of Love.” We are our own superheroes. Create!

Blessings, Dee