…is going too fast. That is what I, and almost everyone I interact with, seem to be experiencing. So I dove into the channel to get all the latest and greatest info about time. Here it is:


1) No. But it appears to be. And it appears to be because of us.

2) We are always living in the future, and it is true that more things are being created now and in the future. Our “time warp” comes when we do not live in the present moment.

3) Because many of us are in fear that we won’t create enough, we create so much that, if we do not live in the present moment, it becomes overwhelming to think about, let alone deal with.

4) So then we give up ourselves to take care of ourselves (and others). We do not hold the balance. Which creates more overwhelm. Which creates the illusion of time speeding up.


Whew! I get it. So what to do? Stay conscious that if–and when–you start going into overwhelm/time warp mentality to 1) STOP 2) CLOSE YOUR EYES 3) STATE TO YOURSELF, “In this moment right now, I am centered, balanced, and focused in the present.”


Remember to BREATHE!  Time is on our side. Time is energy. Direct the energy of time.