I sat down to write the eblast. Usually I am very clear and passionate about what’s “up” in my life, your lives, and the work. But today, it seems to be a recap of the ongoing challenge we have in walking the talk. Again? Yes. Until we get it.

I had the good fortune of having dinner with one of my oldest friends last night. She was having numerous old ailments wreaking havoc upon her after successfully relieving most of them a year ago. She was depressed. And her heart was hurting. And it was all around the election. Energetically.

‘You know the way energy works,’ I gently reminded her. ‘What you focus on, builds your thought patterns, emotional reactions, and affects you on absolutely every level of your being.’

“I know,” she said. “I can’t help it. I’m just so angry and humiliated by all of it.”

That is the answer I get in most of my private sessions when we get to the big kahuna that needs to be released: “I know but I can’t help it.” And my reply is always the same: Then you get to keep the fibromyalgia, the arthritis, the lack of money, the lack of relationships, the weight…etc.

So I want to reiterate the process of Freedom and Creation.

  1. Accept the situation. Until you accept what you need to deal with, you CAN’T deal with it.
  2. Get clear about what you want. What you are focused on is usually NOT what you want. It is what you want to ELIMINATE…but you will not eliminate it by holding focus on it. You eliminate it by holding focus on the opposite of “It” – which is what you really want.
  3. Get your Little Child on board with you. Two voices must become One Voice. And those voices must become one with The One Voice of Love/God/The Force.
  4. Find the experience of love and freedom and joy ANYwhere in your life that you can recall and spend time FEEEEELING that feeling. Remind your One Voice of the importance of feeling like you have the thing you want…LIKE IT IS PRESENT NOW.
  5. Spend time with the positive. If you can’t remain positive and hold your focus while watching the news, don’t watch it. Same with hanging out with certain friends. Or family. Until you can keep your balance, YOUR FEELING POSITIVE is the most important choice you can make.

Reading this will remind you, but it will not SHIFT you. It is the feeeeeeeeeeling that shifts you. It is a practice, a way of life, a choice. This is the greatest meaning of pro-life/pro-choice. To choose you and your Beingness of Freedom and Love. It is your responsibility and honor to walk your talk. Your feelings go out to create your world and my world and the world. Feel good my beautiful friends. And do the world some real good.

Blessings, Dee