There is a lot coming in regarding transition. The channel says the entire world is experiencing transition at this time. And it’s for the good, although many times we do not experience it in the positive.

Transition can be anything from birth to death to weddings to weight loss. It is change in any form and time and place. Here is what the channel wants us to know and align regarding transition:


1) It WILL happen. Our choice is to embrace it/adapt/create OR fight it and put our attention on what we don’t want and live in reaction.

2) When we refuse to accept and adapt, we separate ourselves from our creative force.

3) When we fight transition, we continually keep “trying to get rid of what we don’t want/had” which, of course, only expands and creates more of it

4) We continue to send out the electrical charge of being in fear of moving forward, so the Universe must match that frequency and, in that way, we betray ourselves and hold ourselves back from moving into new creation.


Let us embrace change, always trusting the God of Us is moving forward through, and with, Divine Love. In that, all things are possible.