If that is even possible. Our mental minds want to make something understandable that simply isn’t. But the channel had information about the energy behind this travesty.
1) If we don’t know we are the creators of Ourselves, we want to take self-creation away from others to feel powerful. This is going on between North Korea and America. It is going on within ourselves. And it happened in Las Vegas. It is, indeed, a battle between the dark side of not knowing, and the light of I Am.
2) When we hold on to the belief ” I can never be the God of me,” there is really nowhere to go but the reaction toward others, the blame toward others, the fear of others, and the resentment of others.
3) When we don’t embrace our power as self-creators, we hold the core belief; ” I’ll never be good enough so I leave.” I leave my power, my choice, my harmony and my peace.  And I want to make others leave, too, either energetically and, yes, even physically.
4) Because we DON’T create (because we have given up our power), that leads us to own another core belief: ” It’s too late to create.” After all, if I don’t know I CAN, I never will, and then the obvious deduction is, “And it will always be impossible and, then, too late.” This leads to helplessness and victimness and, like a cornered dog, we attack or cower. The gunman chose the first reaction.
5) We are being asked to ” Open the Universal Chakras of Love.” When chakras close, all energy flow is stopped. Energy then gets backed up and, like a damn, searches for a place to explode through. Just as it is vital for us to keep our chakras open in the face of this tragedy, we must encourage and direct the Universe to do the same.
So take action where it makes you feel good: donate, vote for gun legislation, pray and send love. But do not close down, shut off, and hold the focus on fear. That feeds the very beast that attacked. And God/Us knows we don’t want anymore of this. Blessings, Dee
Blessings, Dee