It was a perfect day! Not only did we have the joy of the wedding, but we also got to announce my baby is… having a baby! I had known for a brief while, but was sworn to secrecy. It was hardest to not share it with close friends and family…and that includes all of you.



They did their wedding in a very millennial way: In-n-Out Burger trucks, a taco truck, and a dessert truck. And wait till you hear what they did with the dessert truck!


Wait for it…………


They had a gender reveal with a cupcake!


I was sure it was going to be a girl (no, I didn’t test it lol) but when they bit into the cupcake … it was blue! The shock on Gabrielle’s face was hysterical. We both looked at each other with mouths agape.



My first thought was, “Yep. He’s showing us already who is boss!” That’s the greatest lesson I learned, and continue to learn, from Gabrielle. Just when I think I have her figured out, she makes a right turn.


Creation is like that: always working for the highest demonstration of what it is, and what is possible. It doesn’t often “look” like what we expect. And it is always amazing.


They knew they wanted a baby. They created it out of love. And now we open our hearts to receiving, and guiding, the highest expression of that new life possible.


I know everything about raising girls. I know zip about raising boys. But I know how to love greatly, and I will allow him to teach me how to bring that love into his life. A great new journey has begun!