We are the miracle. Do you accept that?
We are the thought.
We are the action.
We are the deciders.
We are the focus.
We are in the moment of expanding “what is.” Because what is, is what we allow it to be.

I am reminded of the researchers that were studying folklore and fairies and mythical happenings. They went far back into the woods of Ireland to talk to the last remaining elders there. “Tell us,” they implored, “Were there really fairies at one time?” “Ah yes,” replied the elders, “And then the books came.”

Have we become so indoctrinated to a limited truth because of science and skepticism? Are we limiting our miracles because we have not created enough of them to “prove” they exist? And yet how can we be about proving that if we limit the possibility of it? We ARE the possibility. We ARE the Christ consciousness in embodiment. We ARE creation. And it is time we get on with the creation of the miracle of Us. I Am the God Which Is. I Am the Word.

Creating my daughter was a miracle. The greatest miracle in my life. Everyone said it couldn’t be done. But the God of Me and the God of All just said bullshit! I’m creating it any way. And We did.

It occurred to me that I have manifested every dream I have ever wanted, except for appearing on Broadway. And I’m not done yet! It also occurred to me that I created it all once. Once I had created something it was…..well, created. So I had accomplished it and moved on. Now I am finding that I want to accomplish some things…..again. So I must allow the creation of accomplishing to happen miraculously, again. The continuation of the creation of miracles. That’s what we are about.

Stand with me know in the claim that, “I Am the continual creation of miracles in my life. I Am the God Which Is. I Am the Word.” Imagine your wildest dreams, and then align yourself with the knowing that you are the possibility of the creation of them.

Seize the day, my beautiful friends. Seize the miracle of you. Be born again in your glorious wonderment. It’s a new day.

Blessings, Dee