…Because people in the community are creating right and left, feeling better, are happier, and are remaining more balanced. And that’s a lot to say in this frantic, noisy world. 

We are doing this by CHOICE and directing our consciousness toward how we choose to create that consciousness. It doesn’t just create Itself, except by default.

I am getting great feedback about the new formula guidance we have been given. Check it out here if you missed it. 

Then practice it around your chosen issue. Keep asking, “How can I?” Keep directing your day each morning. Keep aware that I Am … anything … creates more of that for you. And always, always claim the positive.

Never, “It’s going to be a great day,” but, “It is a great day.”

Never, “I don’t know,” but “I know.”

Never, “I don’t understand,” but “I Am clear.”

You get the picture. 

Define yourself how you want to be, by saying you are. That directs your brain to find the positive. The powerful. The truth! And hold your focus!

Then “rejoice in all things.” Joy and love. Joy and love. Joy and love. Choose to live in those emotions, because God and Brain Science both say they are the answer. ” 

Today I choose joy and love. I Am joy and love. That is my choice and commitment.”

It’s easier than you think. It’s simply a shift in perspective. And it’s Freeeeeeeeeeedom!!


“Joy is a net of love by which you can attract souls.” 

-Mother Teresa