I know we have the upcoming webinar on this subject, but I was surprised that it was the message I was to address today. Funny. I don’t know why I am surprised about ANYthing the channel gives me! They wouldn’t let me title this article “Weight Loss.” It had to be “Weight Control.” Not even “Weight Creation.” So….here we go. I am as mystified as you.
There are three points the channel wants us to understand about weight:
1) The circumstance of the weight you are at now has nothing to do with the creation of the weight you want to be…..unless YOU are allowing it to dictate it and you are holding your focus on it.
2) The main thing creating our weight is belief systems around HAPPINESS and why we can’t have it, and why we don’t live in that state etc… An example would be “I need to protect myself from the world to be happy.” Often, we will subconsciously put on weight to “protect” us from really being seen.
3) Another strong component is the Core Belief, “I abandon myself.” So the obvious question is: Why would I choose to abandon myself? The biggest reason is so we will not get what we want…because we are not worthy. And our bodies, like ALL forms of energy, will comply with our choice and our focus. The channel is pointing out that bulimia and starvation when they are BY CHOICE is another form of self-abandonment in the issue of weight. Self-abandonment closes our hearts, and therefore it is impossible to create the desired weight, and we spiral more into self judgement, which encourages a continually closed heart.
And what does the Brain have to do with all of this? It follows what is comfortable and what “it has always focused on.” That is why, through this work of self-love, we must RETRAIN the brain to feeeeeeeeeeeeel and focus on self-acceptance, self-creation, acceptance of our greatness, and the determination to always come
through for ourselves. Yippeeeeeeeeeeee!!
As I can see (as I always do) this webinar will be much more than about weight. It will be about all creation through the eyes of weight manifestation. What an amazing ride this channel is! We are blessed.
Blessings, Dee