…because I don’t have anything to conquer or clear or find the answer to! I am simply living in the moment of gratitude for everything I am creating and for the partnership I have finally experienced with The Universe.

I keep referring to it as ” feeling filled up and overtaken” by love. I am so used to the past struggle, “working hard,” nose -to-the-grindstone perspective that it feels, well, almost unbelievable. Uh-uh. I’m claiming it’s believable and I believe in it! Who-hooooooooooo.

Life is easy and I feel loved and respected. I have been working awhile on that, especially in my acting world. I realized I had to change my perspective of how I saw THEM seeing ME.

And I had to start with how I saw ME. And now it is all coming together in this glorious exploration of joy and commitment and abundance and….peace and love. 

It’s amazing guys. We know what we are talking about. We have the formula. We know the rules. 

And we are living the truth!

Now, I want you to also know that when you start working this, and asking and partnering with The Universe, havoc might occur in order to bring to the surface any resistance you have to moving forward in ease. For example, one of my clients literally got to the statement, ” Whenever I do something for myself, bad things happen.” 

OMG, you can see the personal battle between ” I choose to love myself,” and ” Whenever I do something for myself bad things happen.” Those energies MUST clash, and, of course, we have to manifest our beliefs. 

Ergo, as she was coming forward to love herself and honor herself, she was being bombarded with tests. So please, don’t give up. Be conscious. Listen to the beliefs that are whispering to you and redirect them!

Get through it so you can join me in this awesome celebration of Knowing and Living and Creating. It’s an awesome Love Ride, guys! 

Climb on!




“Each person does see the world in a different way. There is not a single, unifying, objective truth. We’re all limited by our perspective.”

– Siri Hustvedt