Soooooo, here is some new and expanded understanding regarding the creation process.
We know we have to define who we are in order to BE the definition of what we want. I Am the God of__________.

Since God is all thought, possibility and space in between, It is both the positive, negative and neutral. So let’s say, for example, that we want more money. We claim: I Am Money. I am the frequency of money. I feel love around and for money so I am in alignment with money.

However, if we see the world as a world that withholds money, a world that is against us, or some other negative definition re: the world and delivering money to us, we cannot fully accept the possibility that the circle can be completed. So,it is just as important to define THE OTHER PERSON, THE UNIVERSE, THE ESTABLISHMENT, as it is to define ourselves.
A year or so ago, it was channeled to us in this way:
1) How you see the world,
2) how you see the world seeing YOU, and
3) how you see yourself .

All three have to come together in alignment and harmony for Recigive ( the completion of receiving and giving) to occur. Keeping our hearts and chakras open, and our Hara Line straight, strong, and through the I.D. point, keeps the flow of this creation happening more easily and consistently.

So I invite you to look at how you are looking at the world, others, institutions, your country, and see if you are seeing THEM in alignment with what you want to create. Let’s have some tough love here, and get some awesome movement!
Blessings, Dee
“Love yourself, love yourself, and love yourself more. Because you know…that’s what it’s all about.”
Dee Wallace