I was sitting, alone, having my tea and marveling at the beauty of the red, yellow and burnt orange leaves fully expressing their glory and fire through my picture window. Funny, I thought, that this happened most everywhere else in the country two months ago. “Hmmm,” I thought, “I’ll take it whatever season it explodes upon.”

As I was musing, my eyes drifted to a small porcelain Santa Music Box I had set out for the holidays. We have several of these hand painted treasures that were given to Gabrielle when she was young. I smiled at the two dogs, howling at Santa playing his clarinet. I wondered what tune they were harmonizing over, so I decided to crank it up and see. “Hark the Herald Angels” began tinkering from the collectible, and I began repeating the words silently to myself. And then I got to the sentence “God and Sinners reconciled.”

I had never paid too much attention to those words before, but I felt an energetic nudge to stop and ponder the meaning. What DOES that really mean, to have God and Sinners reconcile/meet terms/come together/settle their differences? Obviously, it would have to be something great to bring such opposites into reconciliation with one another.

And then I heard, quite simply, “Love.” Love is the great force which reconciles everyone and everything that is in opposition in any way. Even God comes to peace with the “sinners,” and vice versa. And that means there are no judgments, no fears, no comparisons, no…hierarchy. There is just love. Accepting love. Where all energy is created equal.

In our community, there are no sinners: there are only creators. Some may create with what appears to be opposing ideals. Some may create without guidance and consciousness. But in the end, we are all creators, striving to understand, striving to get back to love. The little music box reminded me that in our blessed community, all are reconciled with the God We Are As Creators. We accept ourselves, love ourselves unconditionally, and send the charge of love out into the world so that all may experience that they, too, are reconciled with all energy they have perceived holding them back. We are free to live the love of Christmas every day of our lives. We are free to reconcile all with the God within. I reconcile myself to that acceptance. You?

Blessings, Dee