The definition of God, according to the channel, is,” All thought, all possibility, and all space between.”

In other words, the omnipresent, omniscient presence of everything. All energy.

Now, we know that energy has been here since the beginning of the beginning, and will be here forever. We know we are energy, and ergo, a part of the whole of the Everything That Is. So if our purpose in embodiment is to learn how to create with, and direct energy into physical manifestation, the Energy of the Whole is waiting for us to choose, direct and know our power so IT CAN EXPAND IN THE KNOWINGNESS OF ITSELF.

God wants to know even more the God that It is, and through our knowing It can do that.

If we are aware that we are directing all energy in all dimensions,and all time and space, then we must accept that God and Us are intertwined in this creation process in a friendship and are co-creating EACH OTHER, in a dance of partnership and power.

Over the years, we have been “waiting,” and the Creative Force is literally requesting us to step forward now in harmony with all energy to create our desires.

It is asking us to ACCEPT THE POSSIBILITY that we have the right and the power and the knowledge to do this.

It is guiding us to be open energy centers for the flow of creation ( open hearts and chakras).

It is demanding we accept that we are good enough, have always been good enough, so we don’t leave ourselves and our creation by feeding the fear of victim mentality.

It is time to rise up and celebrate who we are.

To be reborn into who we always were: God.

How incredible to know we are all partners in this. Hallelujah and praise the Lord!

Blessings, Dee
“Some will say, ‘How is it we mortals may intensify the Activity of God?’ I answer: God, the ‘Mighty I Am Presence,’ acts through the Free Will of the individual according to his or her acceptance; and the individual, being a part of God, being the same in Quality, has the right and power to increase and intensify any one of the natural Activities of God, upon which consciousness is focused. If sincere Students will meditate on this particular activity, they are certain to receive much benefit.”

–  Saint Germain