If you didn’t hear my show on Jennifer McLean’s Predictions week, go listen. It’s Free…click here!
It spelled out…pretty shockingly…how important our participation in creation is this coming year. Basically, it stated in no particular order, that we would be physically in war with aliens, health status would continue to decline, Trump would be president, the financial market would collapse, and terrorism would take over the world. OR this could be the most miraculous year of miracles and creation we have ever seen.

We will decide the course, as we always have.

We will decide it with our choices, our focus, and our love. LOVE. There is that word again. The experience of love, and the choice to hold everyone and the world in it, will change the course of history. LOVE WILL CHANGE THE COURSE OF HISTORY.

We must ask ourselves in each moment of NOW: how can I love more? Who can I love more? How can I love myself more? Where can I see love in this world more?

Which politician is more aligned with love? How can I bring love and loving thoughts into my body more? How can I hold love for all energy, even that alien to me?

If we choose to continue to ASK these questions, we must RECEIVE the answers. And those answers are the answers that create the experiences and focus that will create the present…and the history…of 2016.

You want predictions? The highest prediction is this: you are the master of your fate. You are the highest answer. How can you best serve the call?

Blessings, Dee xo