Once again, the channel brings forward the information that we need to be reminded of, and have forgotten to apply: when you ask the Universe to help and assist in your chosen creation, ask with gratitude. Now, we know “ask” is literally “demand”- and the energy of “demand” and “gratitude” seems conflicting to us. But we are reminded to remember that, “Ask as if you have already received.”  Which means, literally, ask while you are in the experience that it has been delivered to you. Ask WITH the joy, and excitement, and love and childlikeness that you imagine you will live when it is done. Because “as soon as you ask, it is delivered.”

This places even more emphasis on the four cornerstones, because living in the expression of love while in the present moment, and knowing that YOU HAVE ALREADY DELIVERED THIS TO YOURSELF ALONG WITH THE ONE ENERGY, makes this experience possible.

Thank you for this amazing body. It’s done. Thank you for this amazing money flow. It is done. Thank you for this amazing relationship. It is done. I am in continual gratitude that all these desires are my experience of life right now. And so it is.
And what do those words mean???? It means…it is done. And so it is. Now. This moment. And so I can live in the gratitude of this.

Of course, we have to let go of the song, “Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen.” Because troubles cancel joy which cancels gratitude. Troubles create struggles which refuse to let go of the PAST moments and invite us to live in the PRESENT we are creating right now.

This is what I want.
I commit to it.
I ask for help.
I am in gratitude it is already delivered.
I take action.
I remember it’s all about love.

Ask with great love, and know it is on the way. By you, for you, with you and with the All. It will be delivered. It is law. This is your New Birthday.

Blessings, Dee