Everything. Simply everything.


On this day when the world loves to celebrate love, let’s remember that it is the most powerful force on Earth. Anything you wish to create must be created with love: money, health, relationships, and success. When we are in love with someone/something, we CHOOSE to spend our time there. We respect the interchanges between energies. We receive adoration. We give adoration. We listen. We strive to understand. We go to bed at night and get up each morning excited to begin another day with the love we hold so dear. We always have energy for more experiences. And we delight in the exchange of energy we share.


Now, ask yourselves, do all the above apply for you when it comes to:




Your job?

Your significant other?

Your parents?

Your children?



This is the day to bring love into all you create. BE the love that creates it all. The more you live in love, the more powerful you become.





Morning Direction:


I direct my heart to open front and back and merge with my whole brain.


I direct my chakras to be open, balanced, repaired and spinning in the right direction.


I direct my Hara Line to be straight, strong and through the point (which keeps us in our Knowing)


I claim I Am, and I am connected to, the Highest Information, the Highest Knowledge, and the Highest Understanding.


And so it is.