I can’t hold it in anymore. I simply can’t. I have to ask the Universe: Where has all the class in this world gone?

First, I suppose we need to define class. Class according to the channel: Knowing who I Am.

Knowing who we are creates a sense of calm, reverence and peacefulness for ourselves and other energy.

It is the statement:  I accept my amazing self with dignity and honor, and I allow you to do the same.

Our world is forgetting this big time.  As an actor, I was horrified at the lack of class at the last few academy awards shows. We have allowed what was once a dignified representation of talent to be demeaned with vulgarity, profanity, and entertainment focused toward the lowest common denominator on the human spectrum. We have allowed the focus toward talent and creative endeavors to shift to politics, racism, and Ricky Gervais insults. And this is not because I am an older actor who still remembers the “class” of Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. My 27 year old daughter got so disgusted she turned them off. Why do we feel a need to debase others with profanity and embarrassment to entertain?

And our politics are even worse. What are we teaching our children in this world when we allow bullying, and that IS what is going on in our political debates, to be accepted?  I wouldn’t have successfully completed my speech and debate classes if I’d followed their leads, because I wouldn’t have “adhered to the basic rules of respect” by cutting off my opponent. It is disgraceful, and we must rise above it. We must bring back the class, and teach our kids to reach for that state.

I want to do a Dana Wilde rant: I love class! I am class! I feel really great about class! My world is full of class! Class is a fabulous state of being! Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Driving is a whole other subject in this world. Where is the class and respect? You back out and the other car doesn’t stop to allow you to complete your turn. People cut each other off on the freeways; pull into parking spaces ahead of their turn. Obviously, all this is not creating a sense of calm, reverence, and peacefulness for ourselves and all energy.

I want our class back. I want more speeches at The Academy Awards that move and inspire me. Not speeches of entitlement and degradation. I want politicians that make me proud of the country I live in. I want Us to love and respect each other and hold the knowing that we are all important and deserve respect. I WANT THIS. I WANT CLASS. I am going to my love place and calling in class. I am holding my focus on class. I am staying in my knowing that class is here and NOW. That’s the only way to get what I want. And I want it badly enough to stay conscious in the creation of it.

Blessings, Dee