I have decided today, after two weeks of maintaining and coping and soothing and being strong to be…………………….silly! You heard me….silly. I decided when I woke up today I was going to allow myself to be silly all day. Animals are a great buddy when you decide to be silly. They will go through humiliating efforts to please you in your silliness. Freedom looks pretty silly in my lingerie. And yet, she graced me with this indulgence in my quest to fulfill my mission.
I did a happy dance at the gym. Right there in front of everyone: all the socialites and the body builders and the trainers. Pharrell’s “Happy” came on and, true to my intention; I broke out in a happy dance all around the gym. I know half of the people there wanted to join in; Their loss. Maybe I should share my intention of being silly as a new workout routine.
Lanny and I decided to do anything humiliating together that was silly. We did stupid people impersonations and belted out oldie goldies in the car and danced with the dog. We even jumped on the bed like kids.
Silly, I decided, is excellent therapy. I am suggesting it to you all. It’s really difficult to dwell on politics, money, health issues etc. when you are being ridiculously silly. It’s actually impossible. So the next time you are down, put a bra on your dog or cat, start singing down the aisle of a grocery store, and take a few good jumps on that bed you just made. You’re gonna feel better. I promise.
Blessings, Dee