This has been an interesting shoot. A hard shoot. Dealing with many of the subjects confronting mankind today, the story is an interesting free fall into good and evil. But amidst all the horror and monstrous occurrences in the filming, the theme that has been most prevalent during the shoot is this:

I doubt myself/I doubt my ability/ I question my creativity and worth/ I am haunted by thoughts that create a lack of joy. And I am not talking about myself only. It’s a theme that has been floating among many.

Why can’t we celebrate ourselves? Love ourselves? The more I teach it, the more I am confronted with the challenge of living it. And so, it seems, are others. So we are delving into the channel to ask what we might need to do to live in the alignment of self-love:

1) Start anew. Let today be your new Birthday. You are not your story. You are your creation this moment.
2) Open your hearts to yourselves as you would your beloved. As you would your child whom you are nurturing and loving and guiding and teaching.
3) Let go of all that is not good for you, that energetically brings you down.
4) Allow the time for your new charge to shift and be sent back to you. Play the love song of you and allow it to be sent back.
5) For God’s sake, forget the rules of self-judgement you were taught. You’re perfect. Get over it.

Accept and adapt to whatever the moment is, and move on. Without comparison. If you don’t like the play dough of your life, squish yourself up with glee and create something else with fun and joy.

We suffer and live in self-loathing to GET ATTENTION. It’s an old habit and a dirty one. It is egotistical and it is a virus that affects the world. We are better than this. We are love. I am choosing to do more loving things, in my life and in my acting. Heart things. Joy things. I am wasting time here! It’s decided, and so it is, baby cakes!

Blessings, Dee