People are punching stewardesses, cutting others off in traffic, scowling while “helping” people in service jobs, attacking teachers. What the HELL is going on? I have read the reports from doctors and psychiatrists. I have listened to the numerous speculations on the cable news networks. Enough. I went to the channel.


1) To understand the anger, you must understand grief and fear.

2) We are grieving because: a) our world is in turmoil, b) no one is working together, c) we feel we have no control AND we feel like no one else does, either.

3) We are in fear because a) we know we are betraying ourselves, b) we feel like we must “give up ourselves” to stay safe. We are in fear of speaking up, taking a stand, expressing our truths, c) we feel like we have to sabotage what we want and need because “no one will listen anyway,” and that is how we have stayed alive in all our past lives, d) we have allowed our Knowing to be threatened because it “appears not to be working.”


All of this is the root of the anger we are exploding with. The channel urges you: HOLD FAST TO THE TRUTHS YOU KNOW AND FOCUS ON THEM WITH LOVE.


You ARE in control. You ARE the creator of you. Thus, you ARE the creator of your life. You ARE affecting the world and the creation of love, patience, and respect for all energy. Be conscious. Be aware. Be the powerful creator you are.