The simple answer is: you create it.


Basically, there is consciousness. And then there is what we do with it. And that’s up to us. What we do with our consciousness shapes, creates and directs the world.


So your thoughts are not just YOUR thoughts. Your thoughts become the Universe’s thoughts. And those thoughts are connected to the vibrations and frequencies of absolutely everything we create.


Here are the five things the channel wants you to know about a thought:

1) A thought is a choice

2) It connects you to your I Am Presence (your creative ability)

3) Your thought is always active (and actively creating)

4) A thought directly connects you to The Universe

5) There are endless possibilities of thoughts to pick from. Choose the ones that match what you want


You are VITALLY IMPORTANT to the creation of you, your life, your country, the planet and The Universe. You are powerful through your thoughts. Choose wisely.


“The goal in life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.”

 -Joseph Campbell