I am going to share a personal challenge that exemplifies what I teach: you have to change your belief to change your life.


So, I have this belief/perception that TV has really changed. It has. I have a lot of proof to back that up. Directors don’t really have any power on set. Everything the producers write is sacrosanct, so no one can change a word, an idea, throw in their creativity. It happens on every set I am on. On television, they want me to audition, even for one scene. Movies know my worth and offer me the part.


SO DO YOU SEE ALL OF MY NEGATIVE PERCEPTIONS ABOUT TV?? That is definitely NOT going to get me more work in television.


Do I have proof? Yes. And we know, from our work, that I have that proof FROM THE BELIEFS/PERCEPTIONS I HOLD. Who is the only person who can change those beliefs? Me. I am in the process, according to the channel. So, what beliefs/claims can I CHOOSE to give me the jobs on TV that I want?


1) I am choosing to draw to me all producers and directors in TV that honor me and respect my body of work.

2) I am choosing to know I can explore all my creativity on set.

3) I am choosing to know that these decisions are not personal, and that I know how to be creative within the scope of the “rules.”

4) I am choosing to LOVE TV and working in that medium.


Remember, the shift in our realities must happen within US. Then the world responds.