That was the stunning statement that Deborah McNelis announced during the powerful webinar last Tuesday around Restructuring the Childhood Brain. It threw me across the room. If our brain does not know who we are, and we are using our brain to figure out who we are, we are living in a paradox of creation. There must be something BEYOND the brain then that is the true essence of Who We Are.

This begs the question, “What about when we are using our entire brain?” We know that, at the present moment, we only activate under 10% of our brain: a very limited amount struggling to make sense of a much larger more profound picture. In Ramtha: The White Book, Ramtha declares that when we use our entire brain we will be God. So can the expansion of the full activity of the brain be the answer to the great question of all time: Who are we?

Can our actual physical brain represent God? Can the brain be the great computer of the Universe? When we use and activate our ENTIRE brain, I get a resounding yes. And that would mean that brain exploration, understanding, and development should be of primary interest in our exploration of God and the experience of being God.

And what does this have to do with meditation? Meditation CAN take our brains into an expanded state. So can drugs. And what expands the brain mostly? Love. More accurately, the CHOICE TO LOVE. MY GOD, WHAT IF CHRIST AND BUDDHA WERE TEACHING US TO EXPAND AND DEVELOP OUR BRAIN BY TEACHING US HOW TO LOVE?

It is a phenomenally expanded thought. A thought I am being told is the highest truth.

We must let go of the old ways of approaching brain development: the illusion that it is all about numbers and physics and books and equations. Can we open our consciousness to the possibility that the choice of love is brain development in the highest form? Wow.

We associate our brain with “what we know.” But the only real knowing is the experience we are in in the very moment. When we choose love, we are in the experience of knowing love, and therefore experiencing that we ARE love. And the first thing we are taught about God? God is love. We are literally our greatest brain experiment. We are Pavlov’s dogs training ourselves to always defer to the bell calling us home. Back to love. Always back to love. That is where home is. That is where the God of Us resides: within our whole brain.

Blessings, Dee