… I want you to start using it. In all your creation. All the time. Your light within is your Universe, and the energy that creates for you.


State clearly something you intend to create.


It is true that your light will create ANYthing you direct it to create. But really realizing that it is YOUR light, and not anything outside of you, that creates your manifestations, the more powerful creator you become.


Matching your light with clear intention and love is an unbeatable formula that will always manifest your desire.


To visualize your light, close your eyes and allow yourself to detach and look at yourself. See your entire body and head light up with your light, like a science-fiction movie. Feeeeeeel the vibration of your light pulsating. Match that to your love place, and dwell there until it feels natural and comfortable. Your light and love. Your light and love. Your light and love. Remember, you don’t “get close” to creation. You ARE creation!


Now, softly say to yourself, “Ahhhhhhh, this is what ________ feels like. And I Am the light that creates this. I Am the Way. I Am the truth. I Am the light. Come, Universe that I love, and create this with me.” Now shoot your light out into the Multiverse, and just be at peace. Your job is done.


YOU are a powerful energetic source of energy called your light. Use it consciously and intentionally. Miraculous!