This is so amazingly brilliant, I had to share it with you. Create a magnificent, loving, joyous day. You are God!




When Albert Einstein gave a lecture at the many universities across the United States, his recurring question was:


“Mr. Einstein… Do you believe in God?”


To which he always answered:


“I believe in the God of Spinoza.”


Only those who had read Spinoza understood…


Spinoza spent his life studying holy books and philosophy, one day he wrote:


“I don’t know if God actually spoke but if he did, this is what I think he would say to the believer:


‘Stop praying and punching yourself in the chest!

What I want you to do is go out into the world to enjoy your life.

I want you to have fun, sing, educate yourself… enjoy everything I’ve done for you.


Stop going to those dark and cold temples you built yourself and say it’s my house!

My house is in mountains, woods, rivers, lakes.

This is where I live with you and express my love for you.


Stop accusing me of your miserable life,

I never told you there was anything wrong inside of you, that you were a sinner, that your sexuality or joy was a bad thing!


So don’t blame me for everything they told you to believe.

Stop rehashing sacred readings that have nothing to do with me.

If you can’t read me at dawn, in a landscape, in the eyes of your friend, your wife, your man, in the eyes of your son… You won’t find me in a book!


Stop scaring yourself.

I don’t judge you, I don’t criticize you, I don’t go home angry and I don’t punish.

I am pure love… filled you with passions, limitations, pleasures, feelings, needs, inconsistencies… and gave you free will…


How can I blame you if your answer something I put in you?

How can I punish you for being who you are, if I am the one who made you?

Do you really think I could create a place to burn all my poorly behaved kids for the rest of eternity?


What kind of God can do this?


If I were so, I wouldn’t deserve to be respected.

If I just wanted to be revered, I would have populated the earth only with dogs…


Respect your fellow man and don’t do what you don’t want for yourself.

All I ask is that you pay attention to your life, that your free will be your guide.


You and nature are one entity…. so don’t believe you have power over it.

You are part of her.

Take care of her and she will take care of you. I put and made everything good for you accessible and made it difficult to access what is not.


Don’t put your genius looking for what’s bad for that balance.

It’s up to you to keep this balance intact.

Nature knows how to keep it very well, just don’t disturb it!


I made you absolutely free.

You are absolutely free to create a heaven or hell in your life.

I can’t tell you if there’s anything after this life, but I can give you some advice,


Stop believing in me this way,

I don’t want you to believe in me, I want you to feel me in you.

That you feel me in you when you take care of your sheep, when you approach your little girl, when you pet your dog, when you bathe in the river….


Express your joy and get used to taking just what you need!


The only thing for sure is that you are here, that you are alive, that this world is full of wonders… and that in all these wonders you are able to know exactly what you really need.



Don’t look for me outside,

You will not find me…

I’m here… Nature,

The cosmos… It’s me.’”