It always happens: go away to location and just see all the info that comes in. Well, I’ve got some incredible new insights to share.

Here is how the world works:

I declare the intention for 2019 that we will receive complete information about healing ourselves physically.


Therapist April Mollner joins me.

She mentions a book by John Sarno, “Healing Back Pain.”

I have time to read it on location and the plane ride.

It goes into…wait for it…how pain is emotionally/trauma/belief based (the basis of our work in Conscious Creation).

This opens a floodgate of information that leads to:

1) The basis of pain is repressed anger and anxiety

2) It usually starts around 4 years old

3) It begins with ” I chose the wrong family” (to be born into)

4) Ergo, I am a bad creator and I have no control over my own creation (or why would I have picked the wrong family)

5) Conscious Creation is bad/negative because we can’t trust ourselves to create the positive

6) So, Pain=I don’t trust my own Creation to be all Positive Possibilities

We all accept the possibility that we create negative things. Few of us accept that we can create ALL POSITIVE POSSIBILITIES. 

And that is the basis for the physical pain we create: we are creating physical pain, so we do not have to deal with the huge emotional rage and anger and anxiety over our lack of, and fear of, creation.

So here is our new claim/direction: I trust I Am the creator of all positive possibilities in my life! I claim the symbol, the formula, the Violet Flame and the Golden Light. I Am Divine Love. And so, it is!




“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.”

– Hippocrates