Our trip to Maui brought about much nostalgia for myself and Gabrielle. There were so very many memories created here with her daddy, Christopher. One of our favorite things we did each and every time we came was the snorkel cruise. We looked forward to it each time, and so as soon as we booked this year’s trip Gabrielle asked, “Did you book the snorkel cruise?” I had.


The day came and we all four ventured out to the waiting area. A lot had changed. No, we didn’t have to leave our shoes on the sand anymore. No, there wasn’t fruit and coffee for the continental breakfast. But yes, we could lay on the nets going out. Gabrielle hurried to hold them for us. It was what Chris loved. Riding on those nets.


We stopped for the first snorkel excursion. Not great visibility, but fun nonetheless. And then I remembered a very special moment from one of our favorite trips. Chris leaned over to me and whispered, “Let’s call in the dolphins.” And they came. So I looked up to heaven, and I whispered to Chris, “Let’s call in the dolphins.”


I opened my heart and sent out the love. I didn’t “try”, I just loved. And I smiled.


We soon arrived at our next snorkeling place. I decided to stay on the boat and hang. Everyone eventually returned and we feasted on lunch. Then, we started making our way back to shore. Suddenly, I heard one of my fellow passengers yelling and pointing.


“Dolphins,” she exclaimed. “They’re swimming with us!”


I ran to the front and there they were. Hundreds of them. Playing and spinning and diving all around us! Breathtaking. I closed my eyes and quietly said a thank you first to Chris, and then to the dolphins, for answering the call.


I put my arm around my daughter. She looked at me and smiled. “You called them in, didn’t you?”


“Yes,” I answered. “Me and daddy.”


We create miracles every day, if we just believe!




Quote for the day…an experience of joy!