I was sitting in the audience at Kandee G’s amazing conference. Kandee and I had already spoken the first day on the process of manifestation, and the final day’s festivities included a presentation by Les Brown, millionaire motivational speaker. I had met Les before. I liked him. He was genuine. But I was about to be surprised with several ahas that…like most ahas…I had known for some time but was hearing in a way that I finally GOT it. Hearing, knowing, and GETTING the truth so an energy shift happens are quite different things.

He opened with some heart rendering stories of his adoption, and the mother who took him in and changed his life. That got me from the start. I have a bond with my mother, even from the other side, that is filled with gratitude and love. Good move, Les. Bond with your audience by sharing personal, intimate stories. It worked. It moved us. We were with him.

Then he proceeded to share about his prostate cancer, and how he was healing it on a cellular level. I have a good friend that was just diagnosed. Hmmm, I thought. Synchronicity. I perked up. Cellular level. Now Kandee G had included in her section of our talk about how human emotion is actually DNA we put out into the world. I expanded on that, explaining the Ionosphere and how we are literally the electrical charges that send out signals (from our DNA) and receive the charge back. In other words, “What you think is what you get.” I expounded on what we know: We elaborated on the hypnotism of sickness in this country, and that if you kept your Immune System strong, that took care of the rest. It kept your focus on what you want: health.

We also spoke of the Immune System, and how it is affected by our choices in life, both physically and emotionally. And then Les said something. One little sentence. One sentence that made me “get it” in a whole different way:


It hit me right between the eyes. How many of us are angry? At anything? Our bodies for letting us down? People that don’t do their jobs? Toward money that we don’t have? Toward our stories of people who let us down? Toward life because???? We have become an angry society. We are shooting people in movie theaters for God’s sake…and we are sick. From all kinds of diseases. Some of which we didn’t even have a name for ten years ago. And Les had made the correlation, the connection.
I know you get tired of me talking about love. But it’s the answer. THE answer. And Les had not really made that connection verbally, but he sure made it experientially. Every time he spoke of his mother, he took us into the experience of love, and we felt it. And that took us out of any experience of anger or sadness because YOUR BRAIN CAN ONLY HOLD FOCUS ON ONE POINT AT A TIME.
Do something great for your Immune System this week. Live in love. Choose love. And really be aware of anyone and everything that makes you angry. Then look within. Physician, heal thyself.

Blessings, Dee