It is time to let all judgement go. It doesn’t serve you. It doesn’t serve the world.


As we know, Love is the highest, most powerful tool we have to use in our creation process. Love and judgement cannot live together. Love and hate cannot live together. Love and fear will not live together. We must choose, in this very important moment and opportunity, to choose love. For everyone and everything.


As we know, everything begins within us. Let’s CHOOSE to see everywhere we can BE Love this week: in our thoughts, our feelings, and our reactions. It is not something that just “happens. We CONSCIOUSLY choose our focus.


The channel wants you to know there are horizons of bliss if you look to the Universe to partner with you. Within this year. AND…it all starts within us. Everything. So please accept the honor and responsibility of self-creation right now, in this historic opportunity, because as you create yourself, your world is created.