Okay. Again, birds are surrounding me with their presence. Upon arrival home a few days ago, there was a tiny baby hummingbird sitting directly in the middle of the sidewalk up to the house.
My heart flooded instantly at the sight of this helpless and adorable little being, and my motherly instincts charged into action. I gently picked it up and carried it into the house. I found a box and began to mix some sugar water to give the little guy some sustenance. Everyone in the house was laughing at these efforts, but I was going to follow my heart instincts.
At least I would know I had tried.
To everyone’s amazement, he gleefully rallied.  He began hopping about the box, had a lovely little birdie’s poop, and perked up considerably.
After a while, we decided to put him outside, but the box was too large for him to escape with those tiny wings that I was willing him to use.
As bedtime approached, I was talked into putting him in a very safe place in the grass with a handmade nest I had fashioned, along with his sugar water. I had a little discussion with him about how powerful he was, and that I expected him to fly and find his family.
The next morning, he was gone. No where to be found. Others had their doubts about the little guy’s outcome. But I knew. I had served well.
Two days later, a large bird of some unknown origin flew into the house. As I was getting a towel to help get it back outside, the bird found its way to the open back door and reclaimed its freedom. I announced to all what a good luck sign it is to have a bird visit your house.
The next day, Lanny calls me in the car. Another stroke of good luck had flown in to bless the house, but it had panicked, flown into the window, and hurt its wing. Little birdie feathers were everywhere. Knowing how I would want to help the bird, Lanny, for me, had Aurora get on the phone to see if anyone out there would perform a rescue. They got someone to agree to help the little guy, and when they went back to place a box over him to keep him safe……………..he flew up to the fence. And then, he flew to freedom.
Three birds in a week. What was The Universe telling me?
Birds are my sign of God. I had been called to “help God” three times in a week.
When I explored further, I had been called “to set God free.”
When I tested even further, the complete statement was: “I set the God of Me Free!” The Universe was saying,”Fly, Dee! Let yourself out and set yourself free and flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.”
And then it took me to Core Belief #48: “I set my little child free!” We are being invited to set our little children free from the limitations, confines and belief systems that are caging us and keeping us from flying into our freedom. Like the birds, we want the vast expanses of the whole world to play in with creation.
Let’s choose that. I Am Free!
Blessings, Dee
“Instead of trying to make your life perfect, give yourself the freedom to make it an adventure, and go ever upward.”
–  Drew Houston