Sometimes you never know where the next big piece of information that creates a breakthrough will come from. Sometimes it’s a passing remark by a friend or stranger, sometimes it’s a line from a song or a movie, and sometimes…it’s your own radio show.

On my radio show that aired yesterday – 2/21, the community channeled an enormous piece of information: cells have egos. Why is this so important? Because it is the ego’s job to question and doubt and hold you back from expansion and the truth of your greatness. If we are holding the intention that we are shifting our cellular nature to Know we are the Creative Force, to program our cells to be in alignment with Divine Love and Nature and Balance, it stands to reason that the cells ego’s might just be fighting that transition. The egos are yelling “No! Don’t believe it! We have proof! See how much cancer there is in the world?”

There is no Hallelujah in that, my friends. No victory song. No freedom. Whenever we feel that knee jerk reaction that takes us into the victim place…again…you better know that it is a cellular emotional reaction. We know from the webinars we have done regarding the brain – that the reaction comes BEFORE the thought. So when the “automatic thought” happens, it’s really following a remembered experience (remembered action), and we must catch it, reprogram it, and bring ourselves back into harmony and balance (love-action vs re-action)! We’ve also just created a new word! Loveaction! Will your next action be a reaction, or a loveaction?!

Instead of saying “I am depressed” and living in that continuing moment, your next question should be “why?” – Know that you want to be an objective observer, and question yourself to mine the gold of you. I am depressed because I had an argument, and that made me sad. It made me sad because I think my relationship is in jeopardy. I don’t want my relationship to be in jeopardy. What did I learn about relationships between conception and age 7? What was modeled to me from my parents and society? Well, I know that 1) my dad didn’t respect my mom and 2) my mom hated that he worked so much and that 3) she felt stifled and hostage in her own life with all the kids and 2) they fought all the time about him not being home to help and…You get the idea. Stand back and be the observer of your own life. See what is running you, and HAS been running you that you have created your life around.

Then tell your ego (which is also cellular) that THIS IS CHANGING. This is not going to be your belief system anymore! Your belief is to KNOW that “I am creating all things I want in Divine Love and Harmony with ease and success. Now. And that’s the way it is.”

Always, always look for the core of what is driving you, and experience the freedom that you create for yourself as the God that You are. You can do this. You have asked to do this. Do it with joy and compassion for Yourself. And be free.

Blessings, Dee