This is anti-bullying month. I wrote a great article about bullying for the Law of Attraction Magazine…Law of Attraction – I want to expound on it here. I want to tie it into living the Christ Consciousness and some of the things that came up during the amazing webinar last Tuesday.

Bullying is about hate. It appears to be about hating others: hating energy so much that you literally have to lash out against it. But that is not really who we are hating.
The bully hates himself. He hates that he cannot feel the love for himself. He hates that he can’t give himself permission to love himself. He hates that he can’t even find the love for himself. He hates that he was taught it isn’t ok to love himself. And the best way to take that out on the world is to hurt himself…by hurting others. “See what an awful person I am” is his scream to the world. “Can’t you help me?”

But the world is in such denial of its own self-love that it cannot answer the call. The world doesn’t know how to love unconditionally either, so hatred and fear turns into judgement and more fear and more retaliation toward the very thing that is feared the most: all that hatred being expressed.

When we truly live in the Christ Consciousness, we live in the power of the state of love. We are the vibration and the frequency and the living expression of love, and we accept the power we are to create with love. The conundrum is giving ourselves permission to love ourselves in a world that doesn’t even know what that means, with no examples or mentors to model that beingness for us. We have to step forward to mentor ourselves, to be the force that IS the force that creates the energetic anecdote to hate: love. We literally have to be the force that chooses to be the force. I Am that I Am.

That is what we are about. This is a movement: The I Love Me Movement. It is powerful and it is an idea whose time has come. Spread the word, spread the article, spread the news about the bear, BuppaLaPaloo. Let’s teach love and live love now.

Blessings, Dee