Many of you have asked for a complete guidance sheet on our work. Below are the steps to follow.

1) State ONLY what you want in the positive. 

For example, state, “I am money,” instead of, “I wish I didn’t have to worry about money,” or, “I don’t ever have enough money.”

2) Direct your heart to be open, your chakras to be open, balanced, repaired and spinning correctly, and your Hara Line to be straight strong and through the I.D. point.

3) Claim, “I Am, and I am connected to, the highest information, the highest knowledge and the highest understanding.”

4) Remember you are directing ALL ENERGY everywhere, not just within you and on this plane, to integrate and join with you in your direction.

The energies included in ALL directions are:

  • All energy in all dimensions
  • All energy in all time/space continuums
  • All space in between
  • All expressions of Me that exist anytime/anywhere
  • All past, present and future lives
  • All energy affecting my energy in any way in this Lifetime
  • All energy that is limiting my belief in all possibilities


Whenever you say I AM….the words that follow those words actually direct energy:

  • I Am Clear
  • I Am Joyful
  • I Am Balance
  • I Know
  • I Am Wellness
  • I Am Consistent
  • I Am the Creator of Me
  • I Am a person that all energy partners with following my direction
  • I Am Money
  • I Am Divine Love  


  • I Am Confused
  • I Am Sad
  • I Am Out of Balance (in reaction)
  • I Don’t Know
  • I Am Sick
  • I Waiver (because I don’t know/doubt)
  • I Don’t Create Me
  • The Universe doesn’t respond and deliver to me
  • I Never have enough Money           

We must be conscious to CHOOSE and DIRECT what we want. The above POSITIVES are not lies. They are statements that direct and focus energy to create what you want/choose. 

YOU are an electrical signal that the Universe responds to and matches. You send out a signal according to your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and perspectives. 

Pick your thoughts and feelings.  They don’t just happen!


“As we grow up, we are constantly defining ourselves.In my case: Caucasian, male, born in Iowa, Zen Buddhist, good at learning languages. With countless labels, I build up this creation I call myself.”  

-Robert J. Waldinger