I know I have had many gnarly past lives in Germany … on both sides. I know this from my own channeling and several different people who I respect detailing some of the same scenarios that I discovered myself. 

Affirmations, if you will. 

So here I am, getting ready to traipse to Dusseldorf for a sci-fi convention. I am experiencing some anxiety.

Now, I KNOW why I am experiencing anxiety, and yet I must remain very conscious that the sense memory I am experiencing is just that … a memory. Since we are 80% water, and water maintains memory through time, I have to be conscious to redirect myself back to my knowing: that then was then and now is now. That I KNOW I am the creator of me, and thus I create me as safe and secure in this world. That I am respected and honored. That Germany is a place, and I am the master of how I perceive it and create in this moment right now.

You see, we have to vigilantly and consciously create in this moment right now exactly what we desire, or we keep reestablishing the belief, “No matter what I do, it’s not going to work, so I might as well give up on everything.” And that victim belief will keep giving us proof that we are not the power of our lives. 

NO! We are done with that!

And so here I go, flying into Germany in my Knowing that all is well, and happy, and successful and joyful in Divine Love. 

After all, that’s what I WANT, right? 

What’s in your brain?


“All water has perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was.” 

-Toni Morrison