I know. I talk about this a lot. And I guess the channel will continue to return to this subject until we shift out of the storytelling/defining phase of creation.

The first thing the channel wants us to know is:  our story is the same thing as our subconscious. That’s where the story started, and that’s where the story lives and hides out. Who knows why…maybe it’s scared, maybe it egotistical, maybe it’s lost. Who cares, really? As long as our subconscious is not partnering with us, the story gets to stay. And it doesn’t work. Because the subconscious is running 95% of OUR show, so, by God, it needs to work with us.

But like any loved one, brute force does not coax the subconscious to do our conscious bidding.  A spoonful of sugar, as the song says, helps the medicine go down and the subconscious to shift into a more amenable partner.

Let’s treat our subconscious to some unconditional love, to some understanding, to some sweet talk (Come on baby, work with me here. You are soooo powerful and mama loves you). You know, pretend your subconscious is a really hot date that twirls your toes: wine it, dine it, cater to it, and maybe, just maybe it will please you with responsiveness and doting. After all, we all like to be coddled and snuggled, right?

So let’s ask our sweet, sexy subconscious if it will consider partnering with us and open itself up to the possibility that life is easy, that health abounds, that money flows, that relationships are awesome: just consider the possibilities of those things, we ask our sensual cohort. Just ponder changing the story that you put together about me/us so very long ago. If you can just play around with that possibility, I promise to rub your back and hold you close and stare longingly into your eyes with adoration and love. And together we can write a new story.  Because, after all, you are me. And I love who I Am.

Blessings, Dee