G ‘Day Mates! I am contacting you today from beautiful Australia. I was so excited to come back to this beautiful country. I did a movie for Disney here years ago, and have such fond memories of the people, the place itself, and my personal journey while I was here. Australia, in a way, represents my biggest dream being realized. It was here, after years of struggling to get pregnant, that the doctors finally found a large fibroid that was preventing me from creating that child I so desperately wanted. I had to travel a very long way to discover an answer I was searching for. I guess the point is…I was determined to find that answer. And I learned firsthand what is meant by the statement, “God works in mysterious ways.”

And so it was to be that once I arrived “to do a movie,” I learned that Australia specializes in infertility, and that my handler happened to know quite alot about it, and exactly where to go and who to see. They, in turn, did some tests that the doctors in the states had not chosen to do, and voila!, the answer was revealed.

This eventually led to me working with an acupuncturist when I arrived home, and learning other valuable lessons in energy and how to direct it.

I also remember the beautiful people here, and how the country reminded me of America in the 50’s: open doors, open arms…an easier, less stressful way of life. Those traits are still in place here, although it has become more “Americanized,” like much of the world. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. I love America and its work ethic. I also love the balance. And I am reminded of another important lesson in life: you can never go back. You must always move forward. And that it is up to us to define what that forward is…even if it means bringing back into balance some old attributes.

When I reminisce about how my world has changed since my last visit, I am humbled with love and admiration for myself and God and the whole creative process that life represents. My beautiful daughter (Happy Birthday Week Gabrielle) that I never thought I would ever manifest the last time I was here, just had her amazing wedding and is being successful as a woman in her own right. The man I loved more than life is now gone from us, but his influence and legacy live with me in each moment of my life. Because of who he was, I am able to allow others to love me and love in return.

My career has flourished…again. And all that was before me, is now behind me, with new dreams before me once again. You can never go back, but you can use all the ups and downs of “back then” to create a glorious now. So move on and up my friends.
Never stop dreaming that next dream.
And keep creating!

Blessings, Dee