I love coming home. I love the known I walk into. I love the regiment of my days at home. I love watching Freedom slapping around her play toys and ferociously guarding the back yard from the mighty squirrels and birds that might invade her space. I love feeling Lanny padding back and forth to his office and knowing, to the minute, when he will start his lunch. I love Aurora arriving early and reviewing the day with me. I love knowing I will be there for my Sunday show with all of You and expanding our horizons together. I love Gabrielle dropping by unexpectedly, even for minutes, when I can get that daughter hug I constantly crave. I just like…knowing.

Knowing is familiar. Knowing feels safe. Knowing is the place where we can plan and grow because we feel supported by our own knowing. I can create Knowing in far away places, but at home, it just … is. It’s simpler. It’s already there to be the starting place.

But it is when I leave that which is familiar that new ideas and horizons seem to bloom in different ways because I am OUT of my known environment. I am a bit of a fish out of water and that means I have to adapt. It means my comfortable, known place is being stretched and explored and when that happens, I realize the places within me that are SO known, I get stuck there sometimes. And stuck is not growing.

So I continue to push myself to leave, to wander, to adventure, to become. What can I let go of within myself that is holding me back by playing too safe? What can I accept that enlarges me? Yes, I will venture out to become the greatest, largest expression of me possible. Because I know I always come home. To my home. To the home of me.




“Unraveling our external selves and coming home to our real identity is the true meaning of soul work.”

– Sue Monk Kidd