I can’t help it! I am simply overflowing with love for my amazing channel. It has led me to a new awakening, and like the perfect partner, been patient while I heard the lessons of our relationship, studied them, pondered them, and now, finally, are living and breathing them as the creation of me. I don’t care how many bloody years it took me to get here…here is worth it. That place of freedom where you KNOW and you can always self-correct and self-create and be in peace that you not only can handle it, you ARE it.

Now, all this true shift happened during, and because of what might seem to have been a huge personal attack of the world being against Dee. A great injustice. An expression of victimness in its fullest. What I got was the most amazing pony of the truth of my power as the Creative Force that I am.

Thousands of dollars were taken illegally from me. It appeared no one was helping me get it back. It plugged me into all the major buttons of my childhood (and adult) fears: there isn’t enough (no matter how much you have), there will never be enough, people aren’t there for you, you play by all the rules and you still get screwed. And those were just the major ones! But I walked my talk as I am teaching you to do. Whenever I went to that old negative expectation/victim place, I STOPPED (hear Bob Newhart’s Stop It.) I laughed to disengage. I reminded myself those were old stories, and that they WOULD NOT GET ME WHAT I WANTED. What did I want? I wanted the money returned to my account easily. I wanted everyone to win…me, the bank, and even the perpetrator.  I wanted all energy…God, Christ, Holy Spirit, and Higher Energy Beings to partner with me in the direction and creation I claimed so clearly. And then I chose to trust: myself, them, the Universe.

Now, you might argue, the result might still have been the same. But I can assure you, the shift that has happened within me surely was revolutionary. Because, finally, I have the EXPERIENCE of living, in a most difficult of situations, what I teach. I got to understand that I chose to create living in Heaven for the three and a half weeks while I was waiting for the money, instead of deferring to the drama and victimness of Hell. I GOT IT. And now I celebrate the outcome of Knowing. My God, people, that is freedom. And it is at our fingertips. It is beautiful. And it is ours!

Blessings, Dee