How glorious it is to feel the fear, move into the fear, and trust yourself so much as your own creator that you come out on the other side born anew into expanded power and joy.

I’ll admit it. I was nervous about the trip to China. OK. I was afraid. Don’t ask me of what. It was one of those irrational fears that we identify we have but acknowledge that it makes no sense. I mean, why should I be afraid of going to China? I had never been here? Irrational. Maybe it’s because I WAS never here, and the unknown (living out of the moment) scared me. Still irrational. And maybe it was all those stories about Communism when I was a child (living in the past) that haunted me and stirred the fear pot. Even more irrational. After all, haven’t we been traveling there as tourists for a very long time now?

As is often the case, the desire to spread the word and teach this amazing work out-trumped the nagging little fears. So I said yes.
As it turns out, I said yes to an amazing, life-changing experience that will change who I am—and who I KNOW I am—forever. I said yes, walked through the fear, stayed conscious, and created love wherever I went. And I was showered with love and appreciation and acknowledgment—a creation of me that I have been working on for years but would have limited if I had succumbed to the fear instead of said yes to the experience.
What a beautiful country. What endearing, gentle people. People who truly want to learn about consciously creating their lives.

People like us.
So see your fears, call them that, and decide to create you instead. Marvelous opportunities of expansion are awaiting you. Be fearless and move forward.
You can do it.