You know what I am talking about. I KNOW you know. It involves a myriad of thoughts like: I don’t know, I’m not sure, Today I want to…I think/Nope, now I don’t, I can’t figure out what I want, I’m so confused. What is this back and forth game we play with ourselves that keeps us in indecision?

We know the lack of commitment greatly limits our creation success. Remember: choose what you want, commit, and take action. So that first step of choice is paramount.

This, according to the channel, is what it is all about:

1) LOVE. If we would stop and ask ourselves what decision/choice creates more self-love for ourselves–and everyone involved–we would get clearer guidance for the highest decision and clarity. We would feel into the love choice. We wouldn’t be “split” between our heads and our hearts. It is the first step in becoming an integrated whole in our decision.

2) WE ARE THE POWER. So often we defer to someone else’s opinion, society’s belief systems, our own fear and perspectives. We need to go within, to Us, to the higher power within us that knows.

3) KNOWING WE HAVE THE ANSWER. It is within us. So why don’t we feel like we know? Because the rule has always been “Because somebody else knows better.” We don’t trust ourselves. And you can’t hear the truth if you don’t trust the voice.

“Be still and know that I am God.” Listen and hear the God you are. Claim “I KNOW.” Claim clarity. Claim integration. Claim commitment. Claim joy. Claim freedom. And Know.

Blessings, Dee