Learning to be present with yourself is really interesting. It becomes easier and easier to hear your thoughts and your limiting mental banter. SO let me share this story:
I have had an enormously successful run the last few months. My series was bringing in money. Lots of fabulous creations in our community. Films falling out of the blue.
Creating seemed effortless and money was flowing abundantly. I was able to create a nice little nest egg. And then…..I didn’t book two jobs.
Now, I want you to understand that any actor knows if you book one in TEN jobs you are in a roll. But that was enough of a trigger to remind my brain of old fearful patterns and expectations from my childhood…again. It was enough for my brain to default into looking for the fear. Wow.
I was conscious of looking at my thought patterns over the last month. Yes, been bringing myself back to balance. Yes, I was doing my gratitude walks with Freedom. Yes, I was listening to the meditations I love and writing out my statements with joy. What I want you to hear was…I WAS DOING IT RIGHT.

But the smallest glitch automatically defaulted me back to WHAT’S WRONG.

And this is what we do when nothing is “happening.” We panic. We look for what’s fallen out, where the next shoe is going to drop from, and what we need to do differently. But the point is…we need to continue doing just what we are doing! Keeping the faith. Living in love. Staying in joy. NOT going into a “What’s wrong?” perspective.
When nothing is happening, and you are living in conscious creation, maybe you are in a rest, recuperate, and gestational period of creation! TRUST. Trust everything is unfolding perfectly. Trust yourself. Trust you are being heard. The Universe wants to give you the desires of your heart. Get out of the way, have faith, and receive!


Blessings, Dee