A huge breakthrough…a wonderful realization has happened during my trip to Australia. It began before I ever left.

There was this annoying, dark little cloud of what felt like doubt or fear or blockage in the way of the energy flow. I knew it was affecting me physically through my nervous system, but I couldn’t quite get to it. There was something in the way of my final understanding, and that something WAS the something.

I had to let go. I had to “let my guard down.”

I had been keeping up this invisible, defensive screen against the world so I “wouldn’t get hurt, wouldn’t be unloved, wouldn’t be used, and wouldn’t be let down.” I know this sounds familiar. We are all in protection mode. And we all know how it works: when we are asking ourselves on a soul level to move through something, we will create the very energy we have to move through as everything comes to the surface. Enter Paris. The obvious things Paris is putting before us: put your guard up…the world isn’t safe…don’t trust…beware. The exact energy we are hoping to move out of. If we “keep our guard up” we are holding our focus on the negative, destructive energy we are subconsciously expecting. And then we keep creating that reality.

What if the events in Paris are the ways we are asking ourselves to trust more, focus more on love, teach our children how amazing they are, and reconnect with our own magnificence? What if we, as a whole, are energetically shouting to ourselves, “See what happens when you keep your guard up and expect hate, distrust and vengeance?” What if it is our way of creating a scenario so that we finally listen to the truth of love we know is so real?

For me, in my personal life, the realization of this has created more fun, more flow, a more relaxed nervous system, more feeling good about me, more joyous interaction with the world. For me, it is playing out on a set in Australia. For the world, it is playing out in Paris. Where, within your world, can you “let go, let your guard down, and let the world love you?” Where will you allow this great drama of realization to play out in your life? Let go, beautiful people. Trust. Choose this freedom for yourselves.

Blessings, Dee