is in the air, again! As a matter of fact, it is everywhere. As a matter of fact, it’s Us. We are Love personified. It is the energy we are. Our great opportunity now is to choose to know that, and always bring ourselves back into the Knowing/Experience of Love when we get caught up with life.

Can we love ourselves just because? Not if we weigh the right number, or have the right number in our bank account or work the right number on a significant other. Not because others applaud us or we figure we have earned it. Just because. Just because. Just because…it feels better. It feels good, and we know that is the state of creation Itself: Love.

As Neale Donald Walsch says in conversations With God: Self love is not love that is received from anything outside yourself. Self-love is love OF the Self BY the Self-for the sheer beauty, the sheer wonder, the sheer joy of the Self being who and what it truly is.

I am giving you permission to love yourself. I am asking you permission to give yourselves that permission. Accept your wonderfulness RIGHT NOW. Accept you are the power of the charge of Love that creates everything. Believe it. Start playing around with this concept and you will experience the Power of You. The Universe responds people! And it responds with…love. And creation. It is a joyous day when we truly get the power of the love we are! Let today be “the first day of the rest of my life; loving as the state of Love.” You have nothing to loose except your fear and victimness, and a whole lot of love to gain.

Blessings, Dee