I don’t know why I am writing this. I really don’t. I asked what the topic was. Love, I thought. Love and marriage was the reply. What? So I have no choice but to go into the channel and write.

Movie. E.T. – OK. It was about a single mom, raising a family. It was about a little alien, lost and dependent on the love of the kids to help him get home. It was a message to keep your heart open…a message addressed in the Sunday call-in show today. What’s the theme? Dependency? Yes, energy depending on other energy…but more specifically, other love energy.

So, the marriage of our love energy with other love energy creates a marriage of…love. I know this. The pendulum goes to no. And then to yes. So, part of me knows this. The other part is fighting the knowing. Why? Not the right question. How can I integrate? Right question. The answer: When the Ca-sons come rolling along? Huh? This is a marine song. Christopher, my husband of 18 years that I lost to a heart attack, was a marine. What did HE represent? I trusted him. I knew I was taken care of with Chris. I was never afraid when I was with Chris. Trust.

Now the channel takes me back to the show, and the theme of conflict within ourselves. We are not trusting the God part of us. We have to marry the love and the trust. We have to complete that marriage to live the Christ Consciousness…to BE the Christ Consciousness.

What has felt like the lack of trust in the world has been the separation within. The integration of love and trust in our abilities to be the creator of our world.

How apropos this should all congeal after the marriage of my daughter. Here is yet another wedding gift, Gabrielle: love and trust yourself with all your joy. And to all of you, blessings for your wedding day.

Blessings, Dee