We know. It makes the world go around. We love it, and sometimes hate it at the same time, like when homeowners facing negative equity struggle. So how do we create it? Like everything else, money is a feeling, an emotional creation. If you want more money, you have to love it, trust it, honor it, want to be with it, want to share with it. Some people take it for granted initially, which is why when they are going through financial struggles, the idea of looking to use potential solutions like a consumer loan with payment reminder (forbrukslån med betalingsanmerkning for our Norweigan audience)
comes into play. There’s nothing wrong with that. As long as you are managing your finances effectively, that’s all that matters. Think of it as an amazing relationship of equality and sharing. Due unto others…including money…as you would have done unto you.

Most of us try to create money without being in relationship with it first. We try to ” get the guy” while we’re afraid the guy doesn’t want us, or will leave us, or might not be good for us, or might abuse us, or maybe he just won’t be enough for us. And the guy is money. How do we create and attract money, which is supposed to be happy and joyous and exciting, if we are vibrationally in the place that is OUT of alignment with creating it?

The first step in creating money comes waaaay before you get the job, create the idea, make the plan and execute it. The first step is to feel good and excited ABOUT the creation. The first step is living in the vibe of love and joy and celebrating it, trusting you with it in your life, and knowing that the creation of it is an ongoing celebration. So we go to our love place, expand that wonderful feeling, and match it with all our thoughts and perceptions of money.

The most basic and core knowing that must be in place is: I am good enough.. I am good enough to be the person I want to be with money. I am worthy to receive…FROM MYSELF…the money I desire. I am good enough to create me as the person I want to be.

Then listen. And feel. Any resistance? If you feel resistance or fear or ” yeah buts”, it is you resisting the light and God you really are.It is you, still standing in judgment of you, and not allowing the Universe to say yes, because you have not said yes to yourself. Say yes. Say ,” Yes, I am good enough. I am good enough to be happy. I am good enough to have money. I am good enough to be healthy. I am good enough to create me as the person I want to be.I am the light. I am God. And I create.

Blessings, Dee