According to Webster’s dictionary – The definition of Narcissism: Sexual excitement through admiration of oneself. Self-love…the erotic gratification derived from one’s own physical or mental attributes. WOW. Let’s keep the erotic where it belongs on sites like, not when we look in the mirror.

Let’s be clear this is NOT the self-love we talk about, AND this is the fear we move into when we contemplate loving ourselves.
We often fall out of self-love (or don’t accept it in the first place) because of beliefs that self-loathing and struggle are more acceptable ways to prove our worthiness. Ultimately, that keeps us from the experience of God/Love/The Force because our connection to our own greatness is the primary connection to the One Energy. When we truly love ourselves, we can tap into the One Flow of Love that creates and heals everything.

When we do not truly move into that personal connection, we need to falsely manufacture a pretend love and appreciation for ourselves, which morphs into that “grandiose gratification” of believing we are superior in some way. That creates a need for constant gratification of our self-worth, as opposed to the quiet knowing that we ARE amazing because we are love. In that way, we can be powerful through equality and respect of all energy.

To really love ourselves creates the space for open hearts. To falsely love ourselves through need closes our hearts because ultimately, we are striving to protect ourselves from knowing the truth: we really don’t love Us. And so we must grandstand to get the love and attention we crave to feel good about ourselves.

Actual self-love is joyful, quiet, powerful and knowing. Narcissistic love is anxious, brazen and loud in self-grandeur. Both can be powerful in appearance. Only actual self-love is powerful through Being. Don’t get off on fake self-love, my beautiful people. Go for the real deal. Acknowledge the true God of You, the love source that you are, and celebrate yourself in the world every day.

Blessings, Dee