the stars are brightly shinning. It is the night of our dear savior’s birth.

At this time of year we turn our hearts and our heart experiences to embracing love and the sharing of It. We yearn for forgiveness, and often find it in both giving and receiving. There is something about the Christ Child and the story of his birth that resonates deeply in the core of truth that we know. We know love is truth, and that is what the Christmas story represents: the embodiment of Divine Love in the three dimensional world.

Wise men “came from afar” to worship the child…the love…that was born to the world. WISE MEN came. WISE men worshiped. The men who knew the truth of love came to celebrate it. They offered gifts of the most valuable worth at the time: gold, frankincense and myrrh. The WISE men have always known that Love is worth all the riches and wealth in the world. And they came to acknowledge it. Their energy centers were open to the celebration of eternal love expressed in the world, and they were humbled at the real presence of that in embodiment.

Let us rejoice, again, during this special season of love. Let us rejoice for love. Let us see it, and experience, and know its value. Let us come to worship at the splendor of the love we are, and bow down to the magnificence we are born to be. Let us see a world of love, so that we might experience it even greater in our own beingness. Let us lay down our richest selves in the honor of the vibration that creates all the desires of our hearts. Let us truly come to ourselves and proclaim: You are love. You are magnificent. You are the king of kings that expresses yourself as love for all to feel and acknowledge. Yes. You Are/I Am all of that. And I will walk far to rediscover the truth about my own worth. I will follow my star until I reach the truth of me: that I Am Love, and I have come to create my world. And in saving my world, I expand the love of THE world exponentially until all who seek, will find. When they find me, they find love. When they find love, they find themselves. Then the whole world reunites with that special moment when the Christ Child brought the message to all: I Am Love. Go forth and complete the journey. We are found. It is time to celebrate.

Blessings, Dee