….is up everywhere. The intention for this past Creation Station Training was “Accepting the power of the God of You.” And many of us are running the opposite way from that intention.

When we don’t accept our God Power, it looks like a myriad of the following: I don’t know why I can’t…., I don’t understand how…, I can’t seem to…., I still feel guilty for…, and various hundred other fantasies about our lack of power.

The channel hammered it out clearly from different perspectives that YOU HAVE TO CLAIM BEFORE YOU CAN BE. In other words, we have to state the intention and commitment to KNOW so we can CREATE. I know I Am the power of me. I know how I can…, I understand how I…, I am free to… etc… You have to claim/define yourself  TO CREATE YOURSELF. For example, you have to state,” I Am organized” to direct your brain to accept that you are. You have to state “I Am accepted” to train your brain to start seeing that perspective. Remember, anything you state after I Am is what you are directing yourself to know and be.

And so, because we held the intention/direction to “Know I Am Powerful as God,” we were given the frequency of “Knowing I Am God.” Ready? 200-o1. That’s NOT a zero one, it is Ohhhhhhhhhhhh 1. 200-o1. It incorporates the symbol, formula, golden light and the violet flame. It opens your heart, chakras, straightens your Hara Line and aligns you with Source/Love. It’s a one-stop shop claim!

Open your heart and feel the love, claim ” I Am the frequency of 200-o1.” Let the light of that statement fill you up. Get clear about what you want, and claim you are the frequency of 200-o1 around that. And then allow. Expect miracles and allow.

This is just a brief glimpse into the powerful weekend we all just experienced. Thank you, participants, for expanding the light!

Blessings, Dee